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  • New 13" Roll Printer from Epson - SureColor P600

    Check out the video of our Epson SureColor P600 Printer. The short video highlights the roll printing capabilities of the new 13" photo printer from Epson.


  • Fall Photography

    August Burns Red.

    By: Dan Goers

    Ah...My favorite time of the year to shoot Photography. The air has a distinct flavor to it. You can smell the exact day when fall hits. The excitement builds and the patience dwindles as we wait for the leaves to turn. At first subtle, then rapid, and then they fall to the ground. Before you know it, it’s over. But for a little over a month, Fall is a photographer’s heaven. And what better place to reflect, relax, and capture the beauty, than the place that harvests the most trees…the forest.  Below are a couple of my favorites from Fall this year. Enjoy!



















  • Pricing your Photography to Sell!






    If you are a photographer, and it seems that you aren't selling as much of your work as you would like, a reason for that may be how you are pricing your photography. Alan Bamberger, who has been selling art successfully since 1979, breaks down how to accurately price your artwork in this weeks Atlex blog. Find the article here.

  • Simply Elegant Media

    The widest selection of Metallic Media on the Market!

    We all know the photography market is a competitive industry. To survive, among many other things, you have to have something that separates you from the competition. Metallic media is a great way to do that. Metallic Inkjet Paper is a photo paper that has a slight metallic sheen, giving your prints an extra 'pop' that sets them apart from others. The metallic qualities of this paper lie in the base of this paper, so no special inks are necessary to print. All you need is a photo realistic inkjet printer. Printing on metallic media will not only give your portfolio a different look and feel, but it can spur new creative ideas! Here is a breakdown of each metallic media available from Simply Elegant.

    Simply Elegant Metallic Chrome

    Simply Elegant Metallic Chrome Gloss Inkjet Paper is a glossy pearlescent metallic inkjet photo paper with minimal optical brighteners. Metallic Chrome Gloss Photo Paper uses a patented ceramic microporous coating technology that stabilizes color immediately for iterative color management and will maintain it for years. If you're a photographer seeking a metallic paper with a smooth, 'wet-looking', 'lab-like' surface texture and slight hint of metallic, Chrome Pearlescent Metallic is for you. If you'd like to try Metallic Chrome for the first time, order a Chrome Sample Pack, it's the perfect way to see if this unique glossy chrome photo paper matches your print application.

    Simply Elegant Metallic Pearl

    Simply Elegant Metallic Pearl Inkjet Paper is a metallic luster inkjet photo paper with minimal OBA's and a beautiful Luster-E surface. SE Metallic Pearl Paper has a heavier 270gsm weight and Metallic Luster-E surface. This Luster-E Metallic Photo Paper is compatible with all aqueous inkjet printer and dries instantly. Images on this photo paper reflect a lovely, subtle sheen.

    Simply Elegant Metallic Silver

    Simply Elegant Pure Silver Inkjet Paper has ‘Silver like’ metal sheen that makes this photo paper one of the most unique photo papers on the market. This traditional RC Photo Paper base has an inkjet receptive metallic silver layer applied over the photo paper base. If you're looking to set your prints apart from the competition, try this eye-catching Silver Inkjet Paper today. Simply Elegant Pure Silver Inkjet Paper is compatible with both inkjet dye and pigment based inks.

    Please Note: The Simply Elegant Pure Silver and Pure Gold Paper both require a solvent protective coating spray to protect the paper. Please allow 30 minutes for Simply Elegant Pure Silver Inkjet Paper ink to dry before spraying the coating on the media.

    Simply Elegant Metallic Gold

    Simply Elegant Pure Gold Inkjet Paper is a traditional RC Photo Paper base with an inkjet receptive gold layer that’s applied over the base. For prints that have a ‘Gold-like’ metal sheen, choose Simply Elegant Pure Gold Paper. Pure Gold is a truly unique photo paper makes your prints gold in appearance, adding an unrivaled gold element to your photographic work. Pure Gold Inkjet Paper is compatible with both dye and pigment based ink.

    Please Note: The Simply Elegant Pure Silver and Pure Gold Paper both require a solvent protective coating spray to protect the paper. Please allow 30 minutes for Simply Elegant Pure Silver Inkjet Paper ink to dry before spraying the coating on the media.

    Simply Elegant Metallic Moonglow

    New to the Simply Elegant Metallic series of papers is the Simply Elegant Metallic Moonglow paper. This photo paper contains a gold resin coated base with a microporus inkjet coating for instant dry printing with your inkjet printer. Like our other metallic papers, this unique media works well if you are looking to provide a unique twist to your favorite images. Unlike our Pure Gold and Pure Silver Metallic papers, the Metallic Moonglow does not require you to spray coat the surface of the media. The Moonglow uses a microporus inkjet receptive coating that dry instantly when your print comes out from the printer.

    Click here to see the above Simply Elegant Metallic media.

    Simply Elegant Metallic Canvas

    Simply Elegant Glossy Metallic Canvas 470gsm is a glossy pearl canvas, 22.5 mil thick, with a 2:1 double weave base for added strength and ease of stretching and mounting. This canvas has an amazing D-max, which gives images an outstanding eye catching appearance and color definition. Perfect for art decor, fine art reproductions, Indoor/outdoor signage, backdrops and murals. Simply Elegant Glossy Metallic Canvas is compatible with all Professional Grade EPSON, HP, and Canon Inkjet Printers, plus graphic, aqueous printers such as Mimaki, Mutoh and Roland.

    You can see our entire stock of Simply Elegant Metallic Canvas here.

    For paper specifications and profile questions, please visit itsupplies.com or give us a call at (800) 238-6050.

  • Taking Advantage of Local Markets to Sell






    Professional Photographer Ryce Bair, discusses the advantages of using your local markets to sell more of your work! Read the full article here.

  • Canon PIXMA PRO Series Printers


    The Canon PIXMA PRO Series Printers were designed for photographers using Canon cameras. The new PRO-1, PRO-10 and PRO-100 produce excellent black-and-white and color prints to help ensure what was captured through a camera lens is reproduced exactly as it was envisioned on paper. These 13" desktop printers are perfect for any photographer's home studio. Workflows are enhanced with print plug-in software, wireless connection and super quick print speeds.


    Mail-in Rebates up to $200 with the purchase of PIXMA PRO-1, PRO-10 or PRO-100 by itself ($100 rebate) or Canon Luster 13x19 50s or Canon Semi-Gloss 13x19 50s ($200 rebate.)

  • Hahnemuhle Deckle Edge Paper



    Hahnemuhle has released its new like of deckled edge papers. The new line of media features a naturally torn edge, giving the media a highly traditional, hand crafted look.


    Deckled Edge Paper can be found at Atlex here. Available in Photo Rag 308gsm, William Turner 310gsm and Museum Etching 350gsm.

  • Canon iPF605 Printer Review

    Canon iPF605 24” Wide 5-Color Printer


    One of the best deals on the inkjet printing market for a 24” wide printer is the Canon iPF605 5-color printer. This printer gives you the ability to print 24” wide by whatever length you want. The 5 colors in the Canon iPF605 (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Photo Black, and two cartridges of Matte Black) come in 130 ml cartridges and give you an excellent range of colors for any application you need. There are a wide variety of papers available for this printer including photo paper, poster paper, short-term signage material, and bond or coated media.




    The installation process is fairly seamless and only takes about an hour to setup. The main components of the printer that will be in the box are the Canon iPF605 printer, the media roll holder, 1 print head, 6 starter inks (90ml each), a sample roll of Heavy Weight Coated Paper, a standard power cord, and all of the necessary software on disks. First off, the printer needs to be placed on a desk or a table with enough space. There is an optional stand available but the standard model does not come with a stand. After that, the printer simply needs to be plugged into an outlet and then turned on. There will be prompts on the LCD display that will guide you every step of the way. The steps that need to be taken are inserting the print head into the printer, inserting the inks into the printer, and then loading the sample roll for the printer to perform an automatic print head adjustment.




    One of the great advantages of this printer, especially to new printer users, is the software that is available for this printer. Canon’s PosterArtist Lite is included in the box of the printer. This software will allow you to easily create your own posters using preconfigured templates with hundreds of stock photos to choose from. You can create posters with your own customized text for use at trade shows or for in store retail signage.


    Another one of Canon’s useful software utilities is the imagePROGRAF Print Plug-In for Microsoft Office. This software will allow you to take your spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel and print them on 24” wide paper. Also, you can print enlargements of your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to have larger versions for your slides available.

    For anyone doing color renderings or line drawings, there is a downloadable HDI Driver for AutoCAD that will create a graphically accurate drawing of your data and print it the exact size of your data size.




    This entire package of the printer with all of the software included is just $999 for a 24” printer. You no longer will have to send out jobs to other printing companies to get your prints done. You’ll be able to save money and time by bringing this process in house. A 24”x30” poster on glossy photo paper costs as low as $2.75 for both ink and paper and will only take about 5 minutes to print.




    The Canon iPF605 24” wide printer allows you to achieve a lot of different printing capabilities. The software that’s included will allow any user – experienced or new to printing – to seamlessly take their image from the computer to printing on paper. Best of all, this solution is only $999 with free shipping.

  • National Geographic: The Glory of Leaves


    Do you ever take the time to look at leaves around you? Fall has come and millions of leaves are spread across the ground. Pictured above is a water lilly, beautifully shot by Carsten Peter. This season, I would like to take a moment to briefly study these specimens, an important part of our ecosystem that we normally would not give any time to.


    First of all, just the way leaves take in energy is fascinating. Not to get too scientific here but in layman’s terms they “ingest the sun.” Not only is the way they gain energy strange but the fact that no one leaf is exactly the same as another. This is similar to the snowflake comparison. “Even an ordinary oak leaf, dandelion leaf and grass blade differ in size, thickness, shape, hue, texture, taste, and nearly every other feature…Most leaves do essentially the same thing: They exist in the main to hold chloroplasts aloft. How can so many different geometrics all perfectly capture the sun?”



    Pictured above is the Thistle . They grow low, where the big heads and mouths of cows, sheep, and other grazers bow.


    Lastly, have you ever wondered about the veins on leaves? “Leaves with more veins can carry more water to the chloroplasts, allowing the chloroplasts to make more sugar and the plants to grow faster.”


    Below is a Fern, whose fronds reach up out of understories and other realms where living is difficult.


  • National Geographic: The New Dust Bowl



    I remember reading The Grapes of Wrath in high school. The images portrayed of a far off land and time devastated by drought and a crippling economy. When I saw the picture above it brought me right back to the Steinbeck classic. This is what a parts of West Texas looks like today, as a new drought has swept through and ravaged lands that were once plentiful. Some are calling this beaten land the “New Dust Bowl,” a land that used to produce cotton is now only producing dust. This leads to ask where the community is going financially without growing crops and having to sell off livestock? The drought started in 2011 and though winter saw more rain for the land there is still an immense amount of struggle for the community moving forward.


    “Normally [in West Texas] May and June are our rainy months, and we just weren’t getting any rain,” Bill Tullos says. “By the end of 2011 Tullos was down to 300 goats on his 8,000-acre spread. In May two-thirds of the nearby fields were bare ground.  By September 2011 Texas had suffered the driest 12 months in its history.”



    Here is a stunning picture of the San Saba River that dried up completely in 2011. “These trees aren’t autumnal; they’re dying."



    “If you’re proud of your country, you try to take care of it,” says Bill Tullos. Last year, rather than watch his animals graze drought-stricken pastures to bare dirt, he sold most of them to protect the land.

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