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Atlex Glossary of Terms


Optical brightening agents (OBAs) make paper whiter and increase it's brightness - brighteners remove the off-white or yellowish appearance of the raw materials in the paper.


The higher the number the brighter the paper is, the amount of light reflected off the paper


Coated 2 Sides, this paper can be printed on both sides - also called Duo or "double sided"


Usually a blend of cotton and polyester, acid free and pH neutral - print canvas is coated with a special inkjet receptive coating


Is the measure of the maximum density black (deepest black) that a paper and ink combination can produce

Fine Art Paper

Is generally (not always) 100% cotton rag, acid free and pH neutral


Grams per square meter, this is the weight of the paper

Hand Made

Paper made with a wire mesh mould - hand made paper has randomly placed fibers as opposed to machine made papers where the fibers are generally lined up in the same direction - the randomly placed fibers add strength to the paper - generally has a deckled edge in which the paper is thinner as you get nearer to the edge


The thickness of the paper - one mil equals 1/1000 of an inch - example: 12 mil paper equals 0.012 inches


the thickness of the paper - 300 microns is about 0.01181 inches or 11.81 mils

Mouldmade (mould made)

paper made by machines that simulates the hand mould paper process - the mould is really a wire mesh wrapped on a drum


the higher the opacity, the less the printing shows through the paper, especially important for C2S (duo) paper

pH value

indicates whether the paper is acidic or alkaline - acidic paper deteriorates over time - buffering the paper lowers the pH by adding alkaline and can increase the life of the paper - calcium carbonate is a common buffer - a pH value should be 7.0 to 10.0


usually measured in mils ( 1/1000 of an inch) or mm (millimeters, 0.001 inch = .0254mm ) - please note that a thicker paper does not necessarily mean it is more rigid or heavier than a paper with with less thickness


inkjet paper is usually measured in gsm, which is how much one square meter of the paper weighs in grams